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After beating dreams, with time running normal life. Romance that once lived who had given up halfway through the long flourished again. I knit back and Laila relationship of severe pure love, but not as smooth as we imagine. Tests and obstacles constantly beaten. Our love story has become one of the priorities of our life.

Our love time travel was quite unique which met again in 2008. when my first visit to her home, I visit on the recommendation of my big brother. Hearts are difficult to make, the pain happened to me four years ago is not easy to forget. At first glance it came to mind, there are even whispers that reinforces that should come for silaturrahmi, not for her (Laila Fitri), but parents who I considered as my own parents. Take a few days to a position for a visit after thought and reflection, I finally decided to come although the heart is very heavy.

That night I visit one uncle who is very familiar and have a nostalgic him before me to India, many of the things we talked about his work as a seaman, where I also had to go to sea with his father and him for 1 year. Once satisfied with the story masalalu with uncle. I said goodbye with the intention to enjoy a cup of coffee tea or coffee with friends. motorcycle was moving towards the coffee shop, but somehow my wagon wheel change direction with the accompaniment of heart pressure to pay a visit to her home (Laila Fitri). There is no element of coercion event resistance at that point, just surrender to follow the advice of small hearts.

Peace Be Upon You, And Allah Mercy And Blessings. I say hello, knocked on the door? Wa'alaikumsalam Wr Wb. A woman's voice. He opened the door, a few minutes she stood there without a single word. Maybe she was remembering or confused by my presence, might she thought its a dream or reality. I tried to dilute conditions by grabbed her hand to kiss as a sign of respect, but he hugged me and said that my arrival tonight is an event that is not possible even and never dreamed or imagined. After crying heartbeat passed, he invited me to sit.

No-nonsense conversation with stories soluble intimate atmosphere. Clock also shows the time 22:00 pm, was not polite to linger his home, I'm moved to say goodbye, but she was blocking me with a reason to wait for her husband's home because her husband also often talked about me in india. The reason could not hinder my steps to leave. I took leave to go home and think this is an opportunity to avoid meeting with Laila Fitri, the motorcycle began to moves, suddenly her husband or the man I call my father returned home from his worship activities.

the bike off and I immediately met shook sign of respect of a child to a parent. There is no longer any reason for that second to goimh home as well. Dad took me in because he also need to speak with a relaxed, just dumb with following his step,I went in fulfilling the desires of an elderly man and I respected. The eyes always looked at the clock hands. Approximately 10 minutes of conversation passed, I just said goodbye with the intention that I don't want to see the face of pure Laila Fitri. Without delay I rushed though dad told me to connect to the story while waiting for her daughter home. To be happy and he was not disappointed, I assured him I would come later. The reason is exactly what might make his heart soft and allow me to go home.

farewell,,Assalamu Wr Wb, I say, suddenly there is the same word comes from the entrance too,, Assalamu'alaikum Wr Wb. Mom, dad and me was surprised to see a new figure came from behind the door outside and we looked at each other ........ Continued !!!!..
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