Warna - Warni Kehidupan Setelah Menikah

Berkat kudrah dan iradah Allah, aku menjadi orang yang tidak membebani orang lain karna kerja yang ku miliki setidaknya bisa membantu keluarga ku tatkala dalam kesulitan. Kesuksesan yang aku raih di saat itu hingga sekarang tidak terlepas dari doa orang tua di sertai usahaku mencari pekerjaan yang sepadan dengan gelar yang telah kumiliki. 
Disisi lain kesuksesan yang telah kudapatkan sangat erat kaitannya dengan janjiku dengan orangtuanya laila. Di mana pada suatu malam, aku mengunjungi rumahnya sekedar bersilaturrahmi dengan keluarganya, malam itu aku berdiskusi banyak dengan ibunya, sampai di akhir pembicaraan secara spontan aku berjanji kepada ibunya: Jika aku telah mendapatkan pekerjaan yang layak maka aku akan meminang dan menikahi laila.
Sungguh suatu komitmen yang tidak pernah aku pikirkan sebelumnya, tapi kata-kata tersebut mengalir begitu saja. Keberanian ku untuk berkata seperti itu dikarnakan keluh kesah ibunya Laila akan berita fitnah yang datang dari tetangga yang dekat…

Back To The Basic

unstoppable longing to parents made me sad and sinful. At that time I was thinking to go home to see two people who I love and pride. Without swapped - stale I express my heart pressure to go home, she agreed to go home with me because the test was over. To the next day we returned from Medan City to Lhokseumawe, when we got there I drove Laila to her house and I hurried to going home to meet people who are very instrumental in my life.
Assalamu'alaikum wr wb, I say hello, wa'alaikumsalam wr wb, the answer came from inside the house, all the people in the house were stunned, as they did not believe with my arrival deliberately not informed. Spontaneously I hug mom and dad and the whole family who were gathered that day. There is a sense of satisfaction and pleasure that I can not describe with words when I hug them, happiness can not be measured by any exchanged and quinine that I get back after five years left the family in order to reach the future in India.
From today i go…


Meronta-rota diperantauan  jauh dengan orang yang di cintai menjadikan aku linglung tidak menentu. Terkadang aku merasa sudah ada di sampingnya, namun itu hanya mimpi belaka. Enam bulan adalah masa yang sangat berat bagiku dan laila menjalani hidup berjauhan, komunikasi via mobile adalah jalan melampiaskan kerinduan. 
Aku terus berjuang agar masa studiku selesai tepat waktu, membaca dan membuat note disetiap sudut ruangan adalah kebiasaan yang telah ku lakukan selama di india. Akhirnya ujian final ku tiba, aku ikuti dengan seksama sehingga membuahkan hasil yang baik. Sujud syukur kepada Allah karna aku lulus tepat waktu. Semua keluarga, sanak famili aku kabari tentang berita gembira ini, setidaknya membuat mereka gembira dengan apa yang telah aku raih selama ini. Masalah yang datang setelah itu adalah aku harus pulang untuk menepati janji dengan orang yang telah lama aku tinggalkan. Alhamdulillah, dengan izin Allah, aku kembali dengan selamat ke tanah airku tanpa kekurangan apapun.


farewell,,Assalamu Wr Wb, I say, suddenly there is the same word comes from the entrance too,, Assalamu'alaikum Wr Wb. Mom, dad and me was surprised to see a new figure came from behind the door outside and we looked at each other!!!!
The figure stands with his face red extinguished, as if he were watching us who are shaking hands bode farewell to home. Maybe he was surprised by my arrival was not invited much less expected, though his face showed an attitude surprised like not believe, but it is not a sign that he is still in love or missing me.

When was the brother arrived, she asked me !! About an hour ago, I answered.
(Allahu Akbar. Why I had to look again his face. The face that always bothers me four years ago. Hopefully, this does not bode meeting tonight we will knit love again ---- ------ my little heart said).


After beating dreams, with time running normal life. Romance that once lived who had given up halfway through the long flourished again. I knit back and Laila relationship of severe pure love, but not as smooth as we imagine. Tests and obstacles constantly beaten. Our love story has become one of the priorities of our life.
Our love time travel was quite unique which met again in 2008. when my first visit to her home, I visit on the recommendation of my big brother. Hearts are difficult to make, the pain happened to me four years ago is not easy to forget. At first glance it came to mind, there are even whispers that reinforces that should come for silaturrahmi, not for her (Laila Fitri), but parents who I considered as my own parents. Take a few days to a position for a visit after thought and reflection, I finally decided to come although the heart is very heavy.

My Happy Life

Happy is the hope of all human life, happiness has always been the dream of man to accompany him to the end. However, happiness never come away without accompanied effort and a strong will to achieve it.As a normal human being no one wants to live suffering or misery, all desire to live a beautiful, quiet, peaceful and full of excitement. Pleasure or happiness is very different if we ask each individual perception, some have argued that happiness was assessed from the side of the property, throne and women. Different viewpoints also say that pleasure is sobriety and mind.

Pleasure in my opinion is our effort to achieve something worthwhile to meet the spiritual and physical lust with no abandon the teachings of our religion. Initial excitement I ever had was studying in the country of India, studying at one of the university there has never been a dream or a target in my life, but God willing the other and it comes without planning luck.


Today I started activity back on campus after vacuum to quarantine attitude to avoid people who have made me hate it, this is better than I do the silly if met her. My office is located in one of the village is very quiet and peaceful, the scenery and the weather was very supportive comfort works well. However, in any work environment certainly has obstacles or barriers and challenges that must go through.

In 2010 October is the beginning of my working career, in this new work environment I get a lot of experience and a very professional and able to work well together. After getting an employment contract one of the places I hired senior over and hugged me, he said: congratulations to join in the work world-paced and challenging conflict.