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farewell,,Assalamu Wr Wb, I say, suddenly there is the same word comes from the entrance too,, Assalamu'alaikum Wr Wb. Mom, dad and me was surprised to see a new figure came from behind the door outside and we looked at each other!!!!
The figure stands with his face red extinguished, as if he were watching us who are shaking hands bode farewell to home. Maybe he was surprised by my arrival was not invited much less expected, though his face showed an attitude surprised like not believe, but it is not a sign that he is still in love or missing me.

When was the brother arrived, she asked me !! About an hour ago, I answered.

(Allahu Akbar. Why I had to look again his face. The face that always bothers me four years ago. Hopefully, this does not bode meeting tonight we will knit love again ---- ------ my little heart said).

So now you want to go home?
yes..I do.
Do not go home first son,, mother support so I sat for a while longer just to talk with her (Laila Fitri).
Allright mom..But I will not be long because the night was a bit late.

Without further ado we immediately abandoned by the father and mother living room of which is not far from the family room. Spontaneously, I immediately asked her, how are you? I'm fine, and you brother, she asked back? I'm well, although the body was emaciated because eating less overseas.

Laila asked about my life in India, about the lectures, atmosphere, weather and the food menu there. After describing the conditions and situations of my life, I leave to go home.I repeated to say goodbye for mother and father.! Come again son, let mother's know the fix day and date you gonna back to india, Yes mother, I replied. I was rushed out turn on motorcycle, without my knowing it apparently pure Laila followed from behind, when I'm going to stick the gas, suddenly she said! May I ask something from you? I was surprised by what she said. If your request is could I grant, but i'm not sure yet.

What do you want from me? If the brother does'nt mind and has time. Please come again sometime, frankly, i'm not satisfied spoke at length about your story during in india. Insha Allah, if there is time, I said !! Assalamu Wr Wb., I immediately i went home.

Two weeks later Laila called me, she charge me promise that I've forgotten. Before I come to her house, I did not forget to call the mother of informing and requested permission for coming home again, because I know that Laila had been engaged and I do not want to give birth to slander or be a third person in it.

After Isha' prayer! i'm coming at the invitation of Laila. I came as usual and seated in a chair at guest room . Our conversation started with personal stories, which unexpectedly our love story also included. what caused that night, out of mind we were talks to knit love back, surprisde but its truth.
we understanding of the circumstances that happened, I forgive her because laila sacrifice for his parents dream, he was promised and will make amends at the expense of his life only to await my return from India. But I was adamant if indeed mate she must be mine.

Finally, my love blossomed again. Two weeks later I had to go back to India for completing a master's course is almost finished! spooky and eerie atmosphere are back, departure time is not new, but the mood is still plagued missed. I felt Her Crying before flew to India, to quell the tears just keep communication via phone becomes an antidote. To Be Continued !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MY HAPPY LIFE - PART III (LOVE BACK AGAIN) 4.5 5 Mohd. Tasar Friday, March 20, 2015 farewell,,Assalamu Wr Wb, I say, suddenly there is the same word comes from the entrance too,, Assalamu'alaikum Wr Wb. Mom, dad and m...

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